Welcome to Pure Pacific Coast Seafood

  Welcome to Pure Pacific Seafood.  We are located in Prince Rupert, British Columbia - the Northern Pacific Coast.  It is here in this Coastal region where we source the freshest regional seafood for you to serve.

  At Pure Pacific Seafood we are interested in delivering the freshest, truest seafood available from the Pacific Ocean. With all the seafood we deliver we know who caught it, when it was caught and where it was caught. We care about the food story and know that as a customer you also want to know about your food and where it comes from.

  Take a few minutes to learn about our business and how we can help you get the best west coast seafood you have ever seen.  We showcase seasonal product here and items that we have in large supply - but we also do catch to order.  Are you looking for a Cadillac frozen at sea product - we can arrange to catch and deliver dressed frozen at sea products for you to your specifications.

Are you a commercial supplier looking for a large order?  We can also help you with this.  We select and inspect all our products ourselves in order to ensure the highest quality.  We can fill orders anywhere from 200 to 200,000 lbs.



Reach Us To Place An Order

Phone     (250) 624-1690

Email     purepacificseafood@gmail.com